Lindsay is a Milkaholic!?

7 Dec

Celebrities have always made headlines for lawsuits. Since they are in the public eye, some people forget that they are normal people and take their personal life too far. This leads to many celebrities being upset that their privacy was disturbed or their name was used negatively. That is why almost every time you watch E! News or Entertainment Tonight, another star is claiming a libel or invasion of privacy lawsuit.

The most popular lawsuits lately have been Scarlett Johansson’s nude photo scandal and of course, Charlie Sheen. Even though these have been the most popular to talk about, I would like to mention another lawsuit that I believe is ridiculous.

In the 2010 Superbowl an E-Trade commercial was played. You have probably seen those commercials; they are the hilarious ones with the talking babies. Well in this specific commercial, the girl baby asks if ‘that milkaholic Lindsay’ was over. Lindsay Lohan automatically thought that the company was poking fun at her and her alcohol issues.  So Lindsay sued saying that they modeled the baby after her to help sales.

Well I mean the world does revolve around Lindsay Lohan, right?

Here is the commercial just in case you missed it.

So what do you think? Do you think it was meant to be connected to Lindsay Lohan? Was it just a coincidence? Is Lindsay completely overreacting?

Lindsay’s lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, claimed that E-Trade purposefully used the name ‘Lindsay’ to model the ‘milkaholic’ after her client. She even went on saying that Lindsay Lohan has the same first name recognition as Madonna and Oprah.

Lindsay Lohan claimed that she wanted $100 million in damages. Ovadia said, “They’re using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn’t they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody’s talking about it and saying it’s Lindsay Lohan.”

Ovadia went on to say that not only was Lindsay Lohan used as a comedic aspect in the commercial, but that the commercial violated Lindsay’s rights under New York state law because they used her “name and characterization” without receiving her permission.

The E-Trade Company commented back saying that they just used a common female name and that it “happened to be the name of someone on the account team.”

This lawsuit is making my mind go back and forth on what I believe. One on hand, I really think that they did connect the troubles of Lindsay Lohan with the commercial to make it funny. Yet, on the other hand they did not say her last name and Lindsay is a popular name. Honestly, the commercial was funny no matter if it had to do with Lindsay Lohan or not.

I do not think that Lindsay Lohan should have filed a lawsuit against E-Trade, especially for $100 million. Yes, they could have used a different name and yes, they could have made the ‘Lindsay baby’ something else besides a milkaholic, but would it have been as funny? No.

The other thing that really annoys me about this lawsuit is the fact that Lindsay Lohan had the audacity to say her name has the same one name recognition as huge celebrities. I do not believe that at all. She has not made it to that status and Lindsay is such a popular name that no matter how famous she is, it will never be like Madonna, Usher, Cher, or Oprah etc.

When I say Jennifer does everyone automatically thing Aniston? Some may, but there are so many people who have friends, family members and maybe even their own names are Jennifer.

Lindsay Lohan had other important issues to worry about at that time as well. She was making (and still is) headlines for partying a lot and breaking parole. I think that she should have worried more about jail and less about if a silly E-Trade commercial used her common first name.

So I guess you would want to know the outcome. Guess what, Lohan won!

The end settlement was confidential but Lindsay’s team said they were “very happy” with the outcome of the lawsuit. So even if Lindsay Lohan did not get all of the $100 million dollars, she obviously did get some money from E-Trade.

I personally do not like that she received a lot of money from the company. I understand if it was a little bit but the “very happy” comment makes it seem as if Lindsay Lohan received more than a little bit of money.

I wish they could have released more of the case to the public. I want to know how Lindsay Lohan’s team proved that the ‘Lindsay’ name that E-Trade used in the commercial was 100% directly connected to Lindsay Lohan. This was a hard case to figure out whom to place the blame on because there are two separate stories competing. Obviously in this case, the celebrity won out.

I understand the New York State law that no company or individual can use another persons’ name for their own benefit without their permission. Also, libel issues were presented because apparently Lindsay’s name was used negatively on TV which was broadcasted everywhere and gave her even more of a bad reputation. Not to mention, the commercial can always be found on the internet.  I just want to know from E-Trade if it was truly directed towards Lindsay Lohan or if it was just a crazy coincidence.  

Either way, the commercial is funny and still resulted in E-Trade being noticed by more people.

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The public is up to their own opinions and conclusions about celebrity lawsuits. Some may be legitimate, and some may just be silly and seem as if they are just trying to get more attention.  Even though these cases somewhat annoy us, we are still waiting to hear about the next scandal in Hollywood. We are also such huge consumers to this type of media because we cannot stop reading about it! I know for myself, I get interested about the crazy stories on E! News. I guess that is the society we live it. It’s crazy, right?


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